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Confusing Pole Shift Mechanics

A Physical Pole Shift is a process when the entire planet 'flips' 180 degrees, contrary to a Magnetic Pole Shift, where only the magnetic poles reverses polarity. Science has established several Pole Shifts occurring on the Earth. But what really expired is unclear and the process confusing. Let me establish my view on this process and what might be happening in a larger perspective.

 Why Pole Shift?

 Why must Pole Shifts occur in the first place? My view on this is that our Sun orbits around another star, a star that collapsed and turned into a 'Neutron star'. This type of star is modest in size but has established a powerful magnetic field. Particles with a positive charge (protons) has merged with electrons to form neutral particles (neutrons). Every single neutron is like a small magnet and when they all join together, the result is one giant super magnetic body, a ‘Neutron star’.

 A peculiar orbit

 A Neutron star with a highly elongated orbit will behave somewhat odd. When positioned farthest from our Sun, it is forced to overbalance, tip over. Two things has then occurred; the magnetic polarity is changed and the direction of rotation is reversed. When the Neutron star returns to the Sun, things will change. The Sun’s magnetic field is affected but this happens anyway due to the 11 year cycle of the Sun. This doesn’t change the magnetic properties of Earth one bit. But every planet with a magnetic field will be influenced by the Neutron star; they will reverse their magnetic fields.

The Approach

Let’s imagine how Earth is affected with a Neutron star getting closer, a star with a reversed magnetic field and a ‘uniform’ rotation (in a stable situation, Earth should have a rotation opposite that of the Neutron star). A course of event with four differens stages will unfold. Using images, we will try to illustrate exactly what will take place concerning planet Earth.

Looking at image 1 above, we see the present circumstances of planet Earth. The planet is rotating from East to West and the Sun is consequently rising in the East (see image arrows). At the North Pole we see a symbolic image of the Northern Starry Sky, depicting the Pole Star and the constellation Ursa Minor, The Little Bear. At the South Pole we see the predominant constellation; Cygnus, The Swan.

In image 2, the effects of the approaching Neutron star is starting to show up. Thus, the rotation of the Earth has slowly reduced to a standstill, symbolized by the arrows now facing each other. The Earth is now in effect instabile, and is beginning to ‘wobble’, i.e. the Earth Axis is moving out of control.

Image 3 shows the inevitable consequence of the reversed magnetic field of the Neutron star. The Earth has simply ‘flipped over’ in a 180 degree roll, and adapted to the present magnetic field that the Neutron star now possesses. The Earth rotation has still not started again but the progress is slowly gaining momentum.

In image 4, the rotation is active again, now opposite what it used to be and also opposite the actual rotation of the Neutron star. Thus, the Pole Shift has been accomplished but the situation is in a complete chaos: What is up and what is down? What happened to the Starry Sky and the rotation of the Earth? In order to see this, we need to have a closer look at the actual perspective for the population of Earth.

Image 5 is showing how the people themselves are perceiving their surrounding World after the Pole Shift. The Earth has a rotation as before but the direction is reversed and the Sun is now seen to rise in the West! The Starry Sky that used to be is no more; North has become South and South has become North. Confusion; the stars are no longer good for navigation, as one used to perform it!

 Pole Shift in different stages

This presentation has taken the easy option, only describing the magnetic influence. But to this must be added an Earth Axis Tilt of about 23 degrees, which has also been attributed by the values of the Neutron star itself. Furthermore, we need to address another effect; the changing of the Ecliptic (the plane of the planets) in accordance with the new angle of the Neutron star. The actual ‘engine’ in the Sun’s movement though the Zodiac is the Neutron star itself, not primarily some internal movement of the Earth Axis. The Neutron star periodically changes the angle of the Solar System.

The ‘Houses’ of the Zodiac are twelve and the ‘Stages’ of the Neutron star are twelve. That is, the astrological house of the Zodiac changes by 180 degrees versus 60 degrees respectively at each passage of the Neutron star. The shift being 180 degrees when the star arrives from below the Ecliptic. When approaching from above the Ecliptic, the shift stays at 60 degrees. In viewing the complete circuits of the Nibiru star, the orbit will however shift 60 degrees x 6 with the 'turnaround' time of 3661 years, adding up to the total of 21,966 years.

PS. Not to worry. The Pole Shift is not expected to happen until sometime around 2082 AD.

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