Sunday, December 3, 2023

Star-Struck - A surprising turn of events!

There has finally been a major breakthrough in my relentless work on the Nibiru mystery. As usual, I was looking for clues concerning the duration of the orbits, under and over the Ecliptic. During this investigation, however, I quite accidentally stumbled upon facts regarding the Zodiac and the 'Precession of the Equinoxes'. I was trying to pinpoint certain earthquakes and Pole shifts when there was a clear indication that a certain nation or people appointed the 'Age of Aries' to the date 1580 BC. This date happened to correspond with the point of a Pole shift (Pole shift of Joshua). Though, I was not completely happy, because I used to think the shift solely took place when the star returned from the perihelion point of Nibiru, above the Ecliptic, and swung around the Sun. So, now I realized the 12 orbit theory was erroneous; there are in fact two Zodiac ages per orbit!

The following (and less turbulent) Pole shift can be identified to have transpired at 702 BC. This is the time when Hezekiah the King was involved in a mysterious event with the 'Dial of Ahaz'. The Sun reportedly 'went backwards' ten steps on the dial or 'steps' of King Ahaz. This of course is synonymous with a Pole shift taking place. But what Zodiac age are we talking about here? The evidence is faint but clearly points in the direction of the age of Pisces! At this point, you simply can't miss the connection between the two orbits of Nibiru and different Zodiac ages. It turns out the Precession is neither gradual, nor consistent. The Zodiac ages alters between 2783 years and 878 years respectively. This is why the Precession of the Equinoxes has never made any sense, time-wise. Nibiru is the engine in this process which is clearly related to the two orbits of the star.

Nibiru and the 'Great Year'

So, what might the orbital pattern look like, in regards to the new evidence. This will be a humble assessment of course, since I'm not an astronomer or a mathematician. But when envisioning this scenario, I picture 6 orbits of 3,661 years, where 3661 is the 'Shar' number of the Sumerians; three 'cuneiform' wedges in a row. The total sum will thus add up to 21,966 years, i.e. a Great year!

Pole shifts versus Transits

Let's recapitulate Nibiru at the Aphelion point (farthest from the Sun). At this position, the star turns around 180 degrees. This might seem odd, but out in the vacuum of space, this is a totally normal behavior. The magnetic poles (of this Neutron star) is now reversed and even the spin direction is reversed (the spin continues but now upside down). On approaching Earth again, our planet has to relate to this situation. The Earth crust is magnetic but Earth cannot just perform a Pole shift and be done with it. Initially, it has to slow down on its rotation. When near a complete standstill, Earth will flip around, adjusting to the new 'norm' of Nibiru. There will be a new starry sky of North and South and when rotation starts anew, the sun will be perceived to rise in the West! The upcoming Pole shift is expected in the year 2082 when the Sun presumably will rise on the Vernal Equinox, pointing in the direction of Aquarius; a new Ecliptic age has begun.

The 'smaller' Pole shift is a considerably less complex matter. When Nibiru returns again from its Perihelion point, the rotational and magnetic properties are still unaffected. Earth will 'feel' its presence but the impact will be significantly milder. Nibiru will make a gentle 'turn' around the Sun and Earth will simply 'follow suit', that is, adjust the angle of the Earth axis by 60 degrees. Still, Earth will end up in a new Ecliptic age, this time corresponding to the age of Capricorn!
Calculated timeline

The present timeline seems very plausible. The event of 1628 BC has gained in probability. It seems this was no mere earthquake, research shows it was connected to a major cosmic impact. While the 1628 BC timeline now lies on firmer ground, the future quake of 2034 makes a lot more sense. We are still counting with the basis of the Sumerian ‘Shar’ sign, which adds up to 3661 years, pertaining to the total orbit of Nibiru. Remember, there is no year Zero. The entries ‘Joshua Pole Shift’ and ‘Ancient Transit’ are still weak in evidence. The entries 'Amos Quake', Ahaz Sundial' and the 'Old Transit' have stronger support. I firmly believe that what happened to the Sennacherib army at 687 BC likely was a collective suffocation due to a 'pocket' of CO2 gas, gathering in a valley near Jerusalem. The 'Angel of death' appeared, like in the days of Moses.

The Pole shift of 2082 is not to be feared. Vulnerable areas cannot be predetermined but it is generally safer closer to the Ecuator. The 'Pole shift axis' may fall anywhere along this line but the location is very much a random event. Trust God and your intuition on where to reside during these times (though many of us will be long gone by then). 


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Monday, May 15, 2023

The Pole Shift Gamble

A larger magnetic Pole Shift of Earth is expected to occur as often as, every 3600 years, give or take a few years. This event is in fact so utterly cataclysmic, that it is hard to imagine how anyone can survive it. Waves as high as several miles will sweep across the surface, engulfing everything in its path, even the highest mountains. But is this a completely even dispensation? Perhaps not, the Pole Shift has an axis and it is the location on this axis that will determine the outcome. When close to any of the two axis points, the effects will be fairly mild. But when far from an axis point, the momentum of the watery force will be devastating.

Phases of a Pole Shift

When it comes to planet Earth, the Pole Shift mechanics is determined by the closeness of the Nibiru Sun, a highly magnetic Neutron Star. When this body moves through its perihelion, the entire star flips over, making a ~180 degree roll. Magnetic North becomes magnetic South and vice versa. This new property of the Star will certainly affect Earth, since it too is a magnetic body. The Nibiru Star rotation is also correlated with its magnetism. Thus, Earth will start to slow down at some point, eventually halting its rotation all together.

At this time, the Pole Shift will occur, and the planet will roll over along the ‘Pole Shift Axis’. This is an imaginary line, following the Latitude horizontal parallels, presumable close to the Equator. During the Pole Shift, Earth will tip over along this axis. A major concern is we don’t know where this axis will be located, it can really be at any point along the Equator. Will this axis cut through the Atlantic, or maybe in the middle of Africa, there is no way of knowing until the Pole Shift actually takes place.

An imaginary scenario

Let’s assume for a moment, that the Pole Shift Axis cuts straight through the continent of Africa, coming out somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. In this scenario, the middle of Africa will be relatively spared, while the South American continent will face the full force of moving water masses. However, if the Pole Shift Axis instead goes through the North part of South Americas, then this region will be saved. But now the African continent will have to face unimaginable tidal waves. And so, Earth will act like a devastating roulette wheel when the time is due for a Pole Shift. Who will face extinction and who will be saved, only God knows.

It is not the oceans of Earth moving inherently, the sloshing effect comes from the ocean’s moment of inertia. The waters cannot keep up speed with the fast moving crust of the shifting Earth. Thus, the Oceans will stay relatively still during the Pole Shift, while the landmass moves at incredible speed for a short while. But since the Oceans sticks to the land, tremendous waves will build up, reaching unbelievable heights. The two areas that are always severely affected are the north and south poles of Earth, this cannot be any other way.

Potentially ‘safe’ areas

There are only a few places where survival during a Pole Shift could be considered ‘reasonable’. This is in the middle section of Africa, in the northern parts of South America, in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. As for the rest of the world, the outcome is uncertain. But God takes care of his own and just maybe there will be rescuing parties from outer worldly civilizations, intervening when the time is right.

Note: The upcoming Pole Shift is not expected until around the year 2082, though the timing is highly uncertain.

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