Friday, May 25, 2018

Nemesis and the point of ignition

One would think the powers that be will succeed in permanently hiding the Nemesis star from the public. This scheme will however be abruptly eradicated due to a periodic event associated with this particular star. When coming from below the ecliptic, Nemesis will only be visible as a dull red glow, just occasionally revealing more substantial light emanations. But the closing proximity to the Sun will surely have an effect on both celestial bodies. As for Nemesis, the star will build up an electrical potential that eventually will produce visible light. This is my interpretation of the process: The star will initially create a dense outer layer, consisting of free electrons. This layer will 'pull out' protons from the neutron based surface of the star and the interaction of these particles will produce light.

These reactions require some amount of 'free space' between the stars. There are however obstacles restricting this flow, mainly the Oort cloud surrounding each star. The Oort cloud being the balance point between the outward facing solar wind (protons and alpha particles) and the inward directed force of gravity. As long as one or two Oort cloud layers exist between the stars, the strength of the electrical discharges will be moderate. But when both stars have direct access to each other, there is nothing holding back the flow of charge; just like a light bulb gets connected to an electrical outlet, the Nemesis star will ignite. The verse in Matt. 24:27 may refer to this: "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be".

The ancient Egyptians were very familiar with this recurring phenomenon and it was manifested in mythological aspect as the "Bennu Bird", a magical Phoenix that repeatedly dies in flames only to rise again from the ashes. The Egyptian Bennu appeared in the image of an 'Ardea Bennuides' Heron, an animal now extinct but very similar to the existing Great Blue Heron. The silver-grey white and blue feathers and plumes of this bird must have reminded the ancients of this rare event; a dull red star suddenly transforming into a silver shining star. For so it will be again, of course, the Bennu Bird will rise in the sky and continue on its path towards the highest point in the northern hemisphere. There it will reside for some time, nearly at a standstill, before it begins descending towards the ecliptic.

The shining Nemesis, in this state more properly named 'Osiris', will probably maintain its luminosity during its entire path in the northern hemisphere. Even after passing the ecliptic plane, on the way down, the star will still emit light, well over a time period of 700 years. However, Osiris are destined to make the passing of the Sun on a more narrow path this time. This will bring Osiris to cross its own tail at a certain point below the ecliptic. Osiris is now literally "hanging on its cross", an environment in space filled with boulders and debris. The impact will prove fatal for Osiris; the luminous light bridge between the Sun and Osiris will break. Osiris will flicker out and transform itself back to the Nemesis star again. And thus the cycle is complete, Nemesis will begin a new tour in the underworld realm.

Or has the basic conditions changed this time? Has the star Nemesis regained its powers to remain in a luminous stage even in the abyss? This situation cannot be ruled out. When looking at the cyclical stages in the development of humankind, we are now moving out of the problematic third cycle with the battle of opposites forces; light and dark, pleasure and pain, good and evil. It might just be that the tumultuous days are over, and that our 'guiding star' will mirror this by permanently lighting up again. Close to the third millennium, we will know what the outcome will be in that regard. But first will come the Millennial Kingdom, a period of peace, healing and restitution. Hard and lingering was the suffering of the people, but in the end light must shine forth, for evil simply cannot last forever.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Soul identity of Nemesis/Nibiru

The presence of the star Nemesis aka Nibiru is generally perceived as a threat, a recurring calamity. My conviction however, is that this entity is the embodiment of a great Soul. When I speak of 'Soul',  I specifically refer to the "immaterial eternal essence", the observer of an individual life, dwelling in all entities. This great Soul I believe descended from a high state, through many incarnations, even down to the human level. With higher states I actually mean larger entities like; asteroids, moons, planets, suns, solar systems, star clusters and so on, all the way up to galaxy clusters and beyond. A highly developed entity in process of descending, must step down gradually. In this transit, the larger body has to enter a coma, a prolonged unconsciousness, before letting the Soul inhabit a lesser body.

Not all planets are blessed with a godlike creature, lowering him or herself to a humble character, trying the best in its ability to help out and show the way to success. This planet found itself in such a miserable condition, that an emissary from above came to rescue. The entity, originally undivided, has likely divided into a male and female aspect, before the long descent down to the human level. This is some of the entities I claim belong to this great Soul: The Milky Way Galaxy, an undefined star cluster, an unknown giant star, the blue star Canopus, the Sun Nemesis/Nibiru, planet Uranus, planet Anu, unknown moon (maybe Ceres), an unknown asteroid, a continent (maybe South America), an Island, a country, a province, a house, an angelic being (Marduk) and finally a human individual.

What are the characteristics we are looking for? There are some clues but not a lot. The entity will start out as strong and unconquerable, adding victory to victory. Later in his life he will be facing a devastating blow of some kind, bringing him close to the brink of destruction. He will be struggling for some extended time, just to stay alive. But he will prevail, returning to life again, only this time in a considerably more humble and downsized appearance. His life will end suddenly, in the blink of an eye. Alternatively, he will end up in confine, but in a "golden cage", residing in this place until the end of his days. He will not achieve fame in his life but will struggle in vain to reach out to people. Only posthumously, he will be recognized and celebrated, having his deeds added to the public benefit.

This famed Soul is likely incarnated today as a human being, I can't see why he shouldn't be. There are a lot of 'candidates' who has come and gone over the hundreds of years. To name just a few interlinked with this unique Soul: Nimrod (Enmerkar), Gilgamesh, Zarathustra, Buddha Gautama, Alexander the Great, Qin Shi Huangdi, Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ (Izas-Monobazus VI), Prophet Mohammed, Djingis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mahatma Gandhi. Certainly a speculative list but notice that representatives of all major religions alongside fierce warriors are present. The tendency is also that the characters gradually take on more and more reserved and humble manifestations. Can we then determine the present day great Soul?

This may turn out to be extremely difficult, for a number of reasons. Nearly everybody would want to get hold of him but with quite different objectives in mind. Some will seek to praise him, others will have the outermost hate towards him and would like to see him dead. Others still would want favors from him or use him for purposes of gaining power. All this would render the incarnation of the great Soul to completely go underground and hide from sight. That is, if he actually are conscious of who he is and where he comes from, which is not an absolute certainty. I find it likely that the great Soul will appear as one among the people, rather than as an elevated cultural or political leader. I also sense some kind of transformation; a metamorphosis, wherein a humble character suddenly rises to power.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Nemesis and Pole shift dynamics

Many people have heard of or read about the Pole shift phenomenon, but what does the term actually imply. A Pole shift basically refers to a magnetic or physical reversal of the Earth's North and South pole. Trying to establish a consequent theory of what causes the Earth's magnetic field is a hazardous task. The concept is so vague and diffuse it almost reaches religious levels. Anyway, this is how I interpret the situation: I propose the Earth is really hollow, with a core of crystal iron, likely Magnetite. This core I believe to be freely floating at the center of Earth, constituting the mythological body known as "The smoking god" and producing light to the void which forms the 'Inner Earth'. This inner Sun has a strong magnetic force which in general comprise the Earth's magnetic field properties.

But even the Earth crust is in itself magnetic, although significantly weaker and more erratic. The crust takes the form of a thick iron rich sphere surrounding the inner Sun. This magnetic field is opposite that of the inner Sun. The magnetite core of the Earth constitute the magnetic field we measure with compasses and similar equipment. It is however the magnetic crust that plays the leading role in a physical Pole shift. Any such shift will typically not occur spontaneously, rather it will be induced by an outside force. The key player in our Solar system is of course the highly magnetic neutron star Nemesis (Nibiru). Since this star has the habit of periodically inverting its magnetic field, it will inevitably have a huge influence on our general neighborhood, affecting planet Earth in particular.

When Nemesis moves in from the South of the Ecliptic, it has already reversed its magnetic field and the direction of its rotation; a combined effect of the Aphelion passage. The magnetite core of the Earth will be affected first, making the magnetic North and South pole begin to deviate from their standard positions, which indeed is already occurring. Then an impact on the Earth crust will start to be noticeable. Nemesis will attempt to align Earth to a new magnetic polarity, but since the rotation of Earth works as a stabilizing factor, this can't happen at once. Nemesis must first reduce the speed of Earth rotation, down to a near standstill. Then the physical Pole shift will occur and rotation start anew, now seemingly in the other direction. Evidently, this process will profoundly affect the Earth.

In more detail, the physical Pole shift will progress as follows: Initially, the northern part of the Earth crust will begin tipping ~20 degrees towards Nemesis. Then almost at an instant, as the rotation of Earth looses in velocity and reaches zero, Earth will violently swing in the other direction, performing a ~160 degree roll. The oceans of Earth, without the guidance of the rotation factor, will inundate whole land masses with terrible waves moving in high speed. Of course, it is not the waves moving per se, rather the Earth crust shifting rapidly to adjust to a new magnetic order. The Earth magnetic core have from the beginning been aligned with Nemesis, following its every move. This now creates a conflict with the magnetic properties of the Earth crust; Earth will moan and groan in agony!

The Pole shift has not been properly fulfilled yet, but will continue in a more peaceful manner, slowly adding some 23 degrees to the roll (corresponding to the original inclination of Nemesis). The rotation of Earth is activated again, in the opposite direction, depending on the perspective, that is. Because the Arctic is now located in the Southern hemisphere, and Antarctica has moved close to the Northern hemisphere. The degree of turbulence depends on the 'spectator' position. Close to the 'Pole shift axis', the interference will be minor, further from the shift axis, turbulence will be more severe. The Pole shift axis is not predetermined, it might be located anyware along the Ecuator.
The physical magnetic poles have thus shifted places but who will know and who will care. Earth has undergone a complete reset and life will have to start from square one, with new definitions and standards. This is the cause and the secret to why humankind at intervals has been afflicted with relentless amnesia. But knowledge is power, and my estimation is the Pole shift will not occur until sometime around the year 2082.

More on Pole Shifts here: Confusing Pole Shift Mechanics

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Unveiling the Nemesis origin

A growing number of people have come to accept the reality of Nemesis/Nibiru being a real cosmic object, not just a mythological concept. This awareness comes from two kinds of observations, on the one hand people can hardly avoid noticing severe Earth changes taking place on a daily basis. On the other there are also observers who notice unknown objects in the sky, especially when using IR sensitive equipment. So Nemesis appears to have returned from its long journey below the ecliptic. It surely has some periodic properties though we do not know the exact circumstances. A question that emerges is of course; where does Nemesis come from, what is the origin of the star? Planet Jupiter is almost a star, I contend Jupiter once was and in many ways still behave as the Sun's primary partner.

Nemesis has likely been captured (or the other way around), its strong orbital inclination seem to suggest that. Of course, it could have come from almost anyware in the vast Universe. My sense however, is that it arrived from a nearby solar system. We now enter a highly speculative field but bear with me for a moment. What are the nearest stars in our solar neighborhood? About four light years away we find the Alpha Centauri system, some eight light years away lies the Sirius system. I will cut directly to the chase and propose Alpha Centauri as the place of birth for Nemesis. But the matter is a bit complicated. Alpha Centauri A is a yellow Sun, slightly larger than our Sun. They are both in orbit around each other, and together in a larger orbit around the heavy blue star Sirius.

Two all-embracing cycles appear to be linked to our Sun, one of ~100,000 years and one of ~26,000 years. Based on new research, I now hold the 100,000 year cycle to be connected to the Sun's orbit around Sirius. The 26,000 year cycle I believe is linked to the Centauri system. Mainstream science does not recognize gravity to work these great distances but I contend gravity among stars are governed by different laws than on a planetary scale. Thus, we must assume the Sun to occasionally move in very close to the Centauri star system. Within this timeframe, stars may interact with each other to form new appearances. It must have been on one of these junctures, that Nemesis got very close to our neighborhood and made the transit to become a member of our Solar system.

Was Nemesis comparable with the Alpha Centauri star? I propose it was originally heavier; as the Sun 'Osiris', it had about 2.3 solar masses, compared to Alpha Centauri's 1.1 solar masses. They both emerged from a larger yellow star, hypothetically named 'Centa', who ended up divided under the influence of a larger body still, presumable Canopus or Sirius. Out of the "fission energy", a blue gas giant emerges, it will accompany Osiris on its journey to our Solar system. Is the Sun already present at this time? No, residing are a large yellow sun called 'Apsu', orbited by a slightly smaller sun; 'Barbaru' or 'Ur-Bar-Ra'. At first, Osiris will quietly join this system. Later, the very first "Oedipus prophesy" unfolds: Osiris will accidently kill his father (Apsu) and marry his mother (Barbaru).

At one point in history, Osiris got on a direct collision course with the Apsu sun. The two bodies confront in turmoil. Apsu flickers out, dissipates and transmutes to lesser bodies. Osiris remains a solar entity but looses a large part of its mass. Two lesser Sun's emerge out of Osiris, they will later be captured by Alpha Centauri A and known as 'Centauri B' and red dwarf 'Proxima". At this stage, the Sun Barbaru is the dominant entity. Osiris, who was left with about 1.3 solar masses, is slowly drained by Barbaru. This results in Osiris collapsing and turning into Nemesis, a neutron star. But Nemesis fights back and gradually pulls large entities out of Barbaru. The Sun, Saturn and Venus is born in this way. Nemesis partner are now the Sun, and Barbaru is reduced to present day Jupiter.

For a more detailed description; please read: "The Star Epos".

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Scarab symbolism

Ancient Egyptians had a special reverence for the Dung beetle insect, kind of odd considering this tiny bug feeds of and lay eggs in feces from herbivore and omnivore animals. In fact, the Scarab beetle were sacred to the Egyptians and the stylized image of the beetle were present on all of their significant artifacts. So what was it about the appearance of this particular insect, why did it elevate to the status of a God, embodied in the form of a human figure with the head of a Scarab beetle? As 'Khepri', the God represented a Sun deity who would die in the evening only to be resurrected in the morning. Surely, Khepri was the God of the rising sun, but the pinpoint question is; which Sun?

The majority of the depicted Scarab icons show a beetle pushing or holding a red brownish ball. This is clearly not a representation of our yellow Sun, rather and much more likely, it is an image of our Sun's binary twin; Nibiru or Nemesis. Nibiru rises, not every Earth day, but on the very special 'day", the time when the red star moves up above the Ecliptic; this is the resurrection.

Several hundred years later, the red Sun God will die and return to 'Nut', to the netherworld below the Ecliptic. The symbolism of the Scarab beetle, representing Nibiru, was made extra spectacular since the beetle would create a huge red to brown colored ball from the dust of the African soil, seemingly appearing out of nothing. Similarly, Nibiru will appear "out of the blue".

The striking similarities does not end there. As we are told from mythology and tales, Nibiru has a very close but small companion. I believe the Kolbrin Bible speaks about this in a section describing Nibiru as the Destroyer. Here we read: "The beast with her opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke." This 'beast' described would seem to be a smaller entity that might appear to direct or herd the larger body. Once again a strong likeness, where the Scarab beetle is the small companion and the large ball the Sun Nibiru. The ancients must have been blown away by this mystical appearance in nature, and they incorporated the image with the manifestation in the sky.

On some depictions the Scarab beetle has wings. This seem to suggest Nibiru as being a travelling star, moving from the netherworld to the world of the living. It may also indicate a very concrete manifestation, a luminous and perhaps electromagnetic effect induced by Nibiru nearing the Sun. Ancient symbolism have a tendency of losing its original meaning over time. This particular symbol, or rather the message it holds, has been forgotten for well over two thousand years. It is excusable if people does not immediately draw the proper conclusions. After all, the star has just barely been seen, the companion has yet to emerge clearly. The day of appearance draws near; are you ready?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nemesis and the allocation of planets

Nemesis/Nibiru brings an entourage of planets and moons on its journey past our Solar system. It is when Nemesis returns from the ~900 year long loop above the Ecliptic and returns downwards that it passes between Earth and Venus. Reaching this position, dramatic things may occur with the inner planets. Earth once belonged to the Nemesis system, and it was in fact Nemesis that carefully placed Earth in its present orbit around our Sun. This happened at the beginning of the "Age of division";  the Era we are in right now and have reached the final stages of. So, when this Era draws near its end, Nemesis will likely close the circle and capture Earth to join with the Heavenly host again.

This scenario may seem farfetched but is actually vividly described in the Bible in a prophetic vision. In Revelation 21 we read: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no more sea." This seems to indicate, not only the removal of Earth, but also the abduction of planet Mars, which was once known as "the waters" (Mares, Marshes). In Sumerian texts we learn how the King ENKI draw lots with his brothers and lost. He was deprived his power over Earth but bestowed the "Sea", not a place on Earth but the planet Mars, indicated by his new title; EA, meaning "House of water", i.e. the once watery planet Mars.

Could an actual "swapping of planets" occur? Will the heavenly planet ANU of the Nemesis system descend to be a Sun-bound planet? Revelation 21 continues: "And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of Heaven, saying, 'Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them; and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away'." Are we in fact getting near to a holy time, with humans living side by side with their creator ancestors?

At the other crossing point (at the orbit of Jupiter), Nemesis has diligently waged war on the raging "Monster of old". The former super sized Sun UR-BAR-RA (Barbaru) was not only divided in two, but in a very methodical way diminished bit by bit into the present planet Jupiter. From this older Sun, several well known objects came into being; our present Sun, the planet Saturn, planet Mars, planet Venus and likely even some moons and asteroids. The development of our Solar system are not the result of random events but rather an outcome of a conscious and detailed divine plan. The age of war and division is coming to an end. Humankind is entering a fourth stage of development, which might be called the "Age of perfected Art and Culture". It will be a happier and more joyful time.

ANU is the twin planet of Earth, it was never crushed as suggested by author Secharia Sitchin. Born from the cleaving of a larger body, it was however reduced in size from a collision. An encounter with former planet 'Maldek' created an offspring which today has joined our Earth as the Moon or 'Luna'. Maldek, unfortunately, was utterly shattered and spread out to form the asteroid belt. The entity 'Ceres' is likely not a remnant from Maldek itself but a former moon of either Maldek or ANU. Today, ANU is believed to have two new moons, one larger and one smaller. ANU it is still out there as one of the seven planets of Nemesis/Nibiru. Actually, this system is very close now. If it were not for an deliberate cloaking plan, we should be able to see it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Planets of Nemesis

There are of course skeptics in the Nemesis/Nibiru community, but among those who acknowledge the existence of this entity, a common view is the notion of seven planets accompanying the star. It is therefore kind of odd that the information on these planets are so scarce. We know virtually nothing about their names, their sizes or their mutual order within the star system; or do we?

Ancient observers, Astrologers and Astronomers, didn't necessarily make a distinction between actual stars and "wandering stars", i.e. planets. They were merely observing the appearance of different entities on the sky vault; times, places and circumstances. Planets could have been called stars and vice versa. One "sign" in particular has made a profound impact on indigenous cultures around the world; the Pleiades star system (the Seven Sisters). But what's so special about this particular cluster of stars? They are not even seven in number; six seen by the naked eye but more than 15 when viewed with binoculars! Something's wrong with this picture, it isn't plausible to have tales and legends from the entire globe talk about a fairly insignificant cluster with too many stars.

Hans Konstapel at 'Constable Research B.V.' (article removed) points at several characteristics associated with The Seven Sisters, as the Greek mythology calls them. Here are just a few examples: The seven stars are connected to the start of the rainy season. There is a link to the 52 year cycle of the Mayan culture and to the cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes. Also, one of the more obvious relations are found in the symbol of the Menorah; the seven golden lamp stands. Does any of these clues make sense in relation to the Pleiades star system, not really. I contend there must be either a confusion or a deliberate deception going on. The seven stars so widely talked about is of course the seven planets of the Nemesis system, having the appearance of stars, getting visible from Earth each time Nemesis returns. And now, of course, the associated characteristics make much more sense.

Home Planet of the Gods

There is a lot of confusion regarding the labels of certain attributes of the Nemesis system. Is Nibiru the name of the star itself or is this perhaps a name of an actual planet? Well, I used to have "Nibiru" as a working title for the home planet of this system. But Dr. Michael S. Heicher has clearly been able to show that the term "Nibiru", without any doubt, refers to a star (referring article removed). But this leaves the question open; what did the local habitants call their home planet? Having thought about this for some time, taking several aspects into account, I feel the name "ANU" (possibly 'AN') is a strong candidate. Derived from the Sumerian language, it is said to mean "Heaven" or "Sky". Interestingly, the well known term "ANU.NA.KI" seems to indicate beings of ANU, moving to KI, which is Earth. ANU(N) - Those from Heaven, NA - For, KI - Earth. 'Heaven' doesn't  refer to the afterlife, but a very physical yet lofty place.

To dive deeper into this issue, it is revealing to consider the findings of Dr. Scott McQuate, arguing he found the real meaning of the Name of God, which has been encrypted and hidden, all these years. In short, the unlocking goes like this: The Hebrew letters for God, YHWH, must first be transliterated to the Aramaic letters 'IAUA', no consonants being used. From this point, the sequence must be decrypted, i.e. reversed. Now we have the sequence AUAI. This is still not comprehensible, we need three consonants to form a word and these, according to the Author, are N, N and K. Putting them between the vowels makes; ANUNAKI. The "rebels" from ANU came to earth, got stranded and decided to replicate themselves, forming not other ANUNAKI, but independent God-like creatures; Humans. ANUNAKI (plural) are the creator Gods, who came from planet ANU and colonized Earth.

Lost planet names?

What is the name of the rest of the bodies, attached to Nemesis/Nibiru? This is something I haven't been able to figure out. At least two of them, maybe three or four, are believed to be gas giants of various shapes and sizes. If you have any information regarding this, please write me a line about it.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nemesis, a periodic Pulsar

Information coming from amateur astronomers and independent investigators seem to point in the direction of Nemesis being a Pulsar, a type of Neutron star beaming out light at the magnetic poles. The nature of the pulses are of an extremely low frequency (~1 rev/min) suggesting in this case that the star is very old. Naturally, the rotational speed of a newly formed Neutron star is much higher than that of a "Senior Neutron star". Nemesis is likely a "periodic pulsar", meaning it is dormant for the most part, only being active when in the close proximity of our Sun.

The Magnetic Axis of a Pulsar typically differs from the Spin Axis. This is what produces the pulsing effect. The beams of light from the magnetic poles are likely caused by particles of high energy, emitting light when forced along the magnetic field lines, focusing in the magnetic pole areas of the star.

Even though the Magnetic Axis wobbles, there is still a general direction in the magnetic field polarity of the Pulsar. This direction follows the Spin Axis. In the case of Nemesis, what is magnetic "North and South" will come out perfectly clear to the planets of the Solar System. The wobble might cause an overall unrest though, planets may experience seismic activity, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Nemesis Aphelion point

At the Aphelion point in the binary system of Nemesis and Sol, Nemesis performs a strange turn. One would expect the Spin Axis of the star to be at a 90 degree angle compared to its orbit, this is not the case with Nemesis. Nemesis orbit appears to be tilted some 60 degrees in comparison with the Solar Ecliptic but since Nemesis has a another tilt, this time relative to its own orbit, the angle of inclination will settle at 30 degrees. This will bring the Spin Axis of Nemesis generally pointing in a North-South direction, in relation to the Solar Ecliptic. (Not taking the Precession of the Equinoxes into account).

When Nemesis reaches the Aphelion point, the rate and direction of spin will stay exactly the same, but the Spin Axis will slowly start to turn and perform a 180 degree roll; magnetic north will turn south and vice versa. This is the crux of the matter when it comes to Nemesis destructive potential.

In the image above, we see Nemesis entering at the right side. It is tilted 30 degrees in comparison to its own orbit, the Spin Axis at this stage pointing directly towards the Ecliptic plane. Now the star begins to turn, tipping the Axis to compensate the directional change. At the end of the Aphelion, Nemesis has completed its roll but now the North Axis is pointing in the direction of the Ecliptic. The spin direction remained the same all the time but since the entire star is now upside down, the spin will appear to have reversed when Nemesis re-encounters the Solar System planets. And since the magnetic poles correspond to the general direction of the Spin Axis, a magnetic Pole reversal has taken place as well. Our binary system is quite frankly not a stable environment.

Nemesis Perihelion point

The situation when Nemesis rises above the Ecliptic, reaching its Perihelion point, is quite different. Here, the star just gently halts in its movement. No tipping of the Spin Axis occurs, and thus, the magnetic poles remain unaltered. (Again, not taking the factor concerning the Precession of the Equinoxes into account, which alters the orbit of Nemesis and thereby the angle of the Spin Axis).

The situation is just as if you had a ball, tossing it into the air and filming it in slow motion. The ball would move up, halting for a while in its highest position, then falling down again. Thus it is like with Nemesis; the star reaches the peak in its orbit, standing as Hyperborea, the Night star of the North. Then begins the journey down, past the Sun and into the deep Abyss, below the Ecliptic. The plasma cord it had developed towards the Sun breaks. The pulsing light from the magnetic pole areas withers and flicker out. But you never know, there are rumors about the dark Sun at one time regaining its luminosity. Can a dark Sun flare up to light again; that would be a wondrous event!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Gas Clouds of Nemesis

Aside from the debris field of Nemesis, containing asteroids and rocks of various sizes, the star also carries large gas clouds. These clouds probably formed at the time of Nemesis collapse to its present state. The consistency and properties of this star aura in fact has tremendous implications in regards to the passing of Nemesis through our Solar System. Depending on the closeness of the star to our planet Earth, a variety of negative and even hazardous effects may occur.

In the schematic illustration above, we see Nemesis (Red) belching out large plumes of Ferric oxide (Orange) into the neighborhood. This Iron oxide dust (chemical formula Fe2O3) has ferromagnetic properties, which will result in the major part of the ejected material returning back again to the highly magnetic star. Red dust from Nemesis are expected to fall down to Earth sometime after the arrival of the global earthquake. Lakes, rivers and streams will likely turn red for some time. Though this dust has no substantial toxicity, the waters might still be undrinkable due to bacterial growth, causing an unpleasant stench. Fish and sea creatures might die from suffocation in shallow ponds and streams. The impact of the red dust will eventually fade away and waters will return to normal.

Another cloud, surrounding Nemesis like a bubble (Black), are believed to contain different varieties of hydrocarbons, the main one being Methane (CH4). It is when Nemesis, during a close passage of Earth) brings its hydrogen cloud in direct contact with Earth's atmosphere that certain things may take place. The chemical reaction of "Hydrocarbon combustion" describes the conversion in the following formula: CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O. Methane reacts with Oxygen to form Carbon dioxide, Water and heat. During this event, burning Naphtha might fall from the skies.

On other occasions, large quantities of Carbon dioxide may drift down into valleys and depressions, placing itself below the existing oxygen layers. This can prove fatal, because the gas has no smell or taste, unsuspecting people may actually suffocate in their sleep. From the Bible we remember the decree by God to mark or "seal the doors" during the Passover (of Nemesis) in order to prevent "The Angel of Death" taking victims. The rite of having unleavened bread might actually be a symbol of "No Yeast", since the yeast in the making of bread releases Carbon dioxide, giving the bread the fluffiness needed to bake it out. God is telling his people to be aware and avoid harm.

 The last gaseous cloud (Grey) of Nemesis is a layer of Hydrogen, surrounding the Hydrocarbon bubble and stretching out to form a large tail behind the star. It primarily consists of the three common isotopes Protium, Deuterium and Tritium. The concern for Earth is when our planet gets in the path of this Hydrogen cloud for a period of time. It is during this intersection that Hydrogen from Nemesis will start to react with the Oxygen in Earth's atmosphere. The chemical formula (2H2 + O2 → 2H2O + Energy) describes how four Hydrogen atoms merges with two Oxygen atoms to form Water and energy. The reaction doesn't start easily or by itself but in the pressure zone where Earth meets with the Nemesis Hydrogen cloud, large amounts of water will form and rain down on Earth. It is likely that this is part of what happened during the time of Noah, when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Brown Dwarf hype

Brown Dwarf stars are a fairly new concept in astonomy. There were of course skilled and competent astronomers even in the '70s and '80s. So why suddenly a need for a new star classification, "Brown Dwarfs", in 1994? Red Dwarfs have been known since the early 19th Century and stars with lower mass were simply named "Gas giants". There are today a disproportionally large amount of information on Brown Dwarf stars, why the hype?

The simple explanation is of course the discovery in 1983 of a mystery "Planet X" body beyond the outer reaches of our Solar System. Later, the story was abruptly pulled from the Main Stream Media and the cover-up was a fact. Apparently, the scientists were now informed of the true nature of this object and found it necessary to keep a lid on it and not "distress" the public at large.

But it was not until 1994 that NASA deemed it necessary to promote the Brown Dwarf concept. Until then, the people were quite content to know there was a PLANET out there, approaching our Solar System. The term "Planet X" was (deliberately) planted in our collective unconscious mind. Slowly, suspicion began to grow, since information surfaced from ancient times about a companion star that was present in the past. Was the newly found heavenly body in fact this mysterious star?

Keeping the public in the dark was a necessity, according to the establishment. That was probably why NASA invented the Brown Dwarf concept to downplay the subject, now that fewer and fewer bought the Planet X theory. Because a dwarf star is insignificant and nothing to be afraid of, right? Furthermore, the concept suited the purpose well; a reddish, purple color, barely detectable in visible light, small in size and subordinate the Sun in every possible aspect. A perfect story!

But what if, people. What if this object is actually a full blown Neutron star, with a larger mass than our Sun, a significantly stronger magnetic field, and an entourage, a Heavenly Host of planets, asteroids, gravel and dust in its wake. I contend this is actually the case here. If it were a modest Brown Dwarf star, how could it possibly drag along seven planets and a debris field of unimaginable proportions? No, the only credible conclusion is this: "Deus Sol Invictus", the Unconquerable Sun has returned; the Sun, the Moon and the planets has to bow down before him in humility.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The tail of the Dragon

Nemesis is an extremely heavy star, the outward particle/light radiation through the solar wind is however of a modest nature. Hence, the star will attract material due to the gravitation force but will have a hard time pushing it away from its general proximity. Another factor contributing to the star gathering lumps of rock is its substantial  magnetism. In this case, we are talking bits and pieces of magnetite, iron and ferric oxide. All in all, the Nemesis star are bound to carry along a quite extensive debris field along its path, continuing on for several thousands of miles.

The simplified image above shows Nemesis with a swirling double tail, and with its forerunner; the Blue Star Kachina, paving the way. This forerunner was quite possible the comet Hale Bopp, that showed itself in the early year of 1997. The Nemesis debris field will prove important, because as it turns out, the field will actually have an effect on the star itself. Since Nemesis performs a very sharp turn in the northern hemisphere, it will actually cross its own path on the way back, thereby interfering with the material in its "tail". Several cultures of Earth have been referring to Nemesis as "The Sky Dragon".

In the image to the right, we see how Nemesis moves up from below the Ecliptic, turns high up in the northern hemisphere and moves down again, very close to the Sun. On the way down into the Abyss, the star will cross its own path, occurring slightly less than 760 years after its close passing by the Sun. These circumstances might be the basis of the Ancients naming this body; "planet of the crossing". 

And when 
identifying the star with the higher manifestation of Christ, we can easily recognize the King, inflicted with torment when being subjected to his "cross". 


The Ouroboros myth is a recurring theme in several folklores and legends around the world. It portrays a serpent or dragon biting its own tail. Even though the general interpretation talks about the general concept of eternity or something of a cyclic nature, one cannot elude the possibility of Ouroboros revealing an echo of a much older narrative; a description of Nemesis debris tail.

It is not very likely that the excess matter of Nemesis lingers throughout the entire 3661 year orbit. It is however quite possible that the debris will cover the upper part of the trajectory, over the ecliptic and a small section below, when the star dwells in this vicinity of space. The multiple pieces of magnetic iron in the tail might explain how the dragon is able to hold together as one unit. Individual chunks of magnetic ore will attract neighboring pieces, dragging along the rest as a vast and dynamic entourage.

The debris field of Nemesis will remain in its place until the day when Nemesis reverses the contraction process and reemerges as a visible bright star again, an event that actually might take place!

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Orbit of Nemesis

Most researchers on the Nibiru subject will automatically assume we are dealing with a smaller celestial object and that the trajectory will represent a common Kepler-like orbit. I contend the situation at hand is quite the opposite. The binary twin of our Sun, Nemesis, is likely from the beginning a slightly heavier star which at one time collapsed into a Neutron star. With this in mind, Nemesis is expected to be smaller than our Sun in size, but with a higher density none the less.

If Nemesis would have been born from the same solar system as the Sun, then we might expect to see the stars in a pretty standard elliptic around each other. However, the ancients clearly tell us the Nemesis star (called Marduk) came in from the outside and thus was captured, or maybe, it captured the Sun. From where did Nemesis arrive? Most likely from the Centauri system, where it had been in orbit with the major star Alpha Centauri A. It is not farfetched to relate periodic bombardment of Earth from asteroids happening every 26,000 years, to the Solar System orbiting the Centauri system.

What did the capture look like? Let's describe this as a metaphor: Imagine two cars moving towards each other on a highway. They pass each other, fairly close, but not very close. The driver in each car has a thought; "Wait, don't I know this person from somewhere?" And so they slow down to move back and have a look. The driver in the Nemesis car attempts to turn around but the road is narrow so he shifts the car into reverse, moving back. When the cars meet again they pass each other closer than before and continue on a more curved path. The result will be a steady orbit, but a rather peculiar one.

From the Nemesis perspective, we will see the star passing by Sun at some distance. The ancients called it "at the station of Jupiter", which means "in the orbit position of Jupiter". The star moves in from under the ecliptic but will continue up for some time because it is moving at high speed. Then at the highest point, it will slow down to a near standstill. There it will reside as "Hyperborea", the Night Sun, being attached to our Sun with a mystical "rainbow cord", likely an electrical plasma connection. 

Finally, after more than 800 years above the ecliptic, Nemesis starts to descend again. It now passes by the Sun in the vicinity of Earth and Venus, continuing down into the dark "abyss". This is my current assessment of the orbit: Nemesis stays 878 years above the ecliptic and dwells for 2783 years under the ecliptic. The total orbit adds up to 3661 years, which resembles the secret cuneiform number "Shar" of the Sumerians. Not 666 as it was wrongly interpreted at first, but rather as 3661, derived out of the "60 based" number system they used.

Periodic tilting

At the lowest position of Nemesis orbit, something extraordinary happens; the star tilts and reverses its magnetic poles. Having contracted into a Neutron star, the protons and electrons of its matter have merged to neutron particles, hence the star classification. Each neutron acts as a small magnet; in tandem, the particles will create one enormous super magnetic star. Based on this, we can easily see how the entire Solar System will follow the command of Nemesis, the ruler King.

As we mentioned earlier, Nemesis never turned at its highest position, it merely reversed and moved back. Thus we learn that major pole shifts of planets only occur once every 3661 years, which is traumatic enough. The rotation of Nemesis is also affected at the lowest orbit position. The rotation continues but since the entire star tilts, the rotation will end up reversed. This will influence the planets of the Solar System when Nemesis draws nearer. As for Earth, it cannot merely do a Pole Shift on the spot. It has to initially make the rotation come to a halt, then the Pole Shift will occur.

Precession of the Equinoxes

From the image above, we can deduce that the orbit is not complete in its entirety; there is a shift in the angle when Nemesis passes close to the Sun on the way back. So when does Nemesis return to its "starting point" again? This happens when Nemesis has completed no less than 6 total orbits around the Sun. The image below shows a simple diagram of the Nemesis trajectories.

The diagram shows how the ecliptic has shifted by 60 degrees after each completed orbit of 3661 years. Moving up from the ecliptic, Nemesis forces Earth to make a 180 degree Pole Shift, almost on the spot. This represents the beginning of a new Zodiac 'age' of 878 years. This, reatively short age, transforms into a longer Zodiac age of 2783 years, when Nemesis returns from above, passing closely to the sun. This shift completes the "Precession process" where 60 degrees is the difference. Its getting clear now that the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' is neither gradual, nor consistent in length. The theory of Earth wobbling on its axis, causing the Precession, cannot be correct. It clearly is the binary companion of our Sun that is the leading force in the shifting of Zodiac ages.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Nemesis Oort Cloud

Our Sun has a spherical bubble of planetary bodies, asteroids and debris localized at the outer point of the heliosphere, which is as far as the solar wind reaches before it dissipates. Contrary to what many believe, the objects of this region doesn't have their own trajectories. These objects are in fact stationary in this position, held in place by the outward pressure of the Solar wind. The corresponding force of nature, keeping them attracted towards the Sun are of course gravitation.

Our binary twin star, Nemesis (Nibiru), indeed has its own Oort Cloud, showing similar properties. Because Nemesis is not a planet (as in Planet X), nor is it a failed star due to lack of mass (suggesting a Red or Brown Dwarf). Nemesis is likely a Neutron star, more precisely an old Pulsar star. The visibility of Nemesis is very limited, since it mainly emits light in the infrared spectrum. It does however have some solar wind, consisting primarily of emitted protons and Alpha particles.

But since Nemesis has a very weak photo- and chromosphere, the solar wind will consequently not be very strong. And with a weaker solar wind, the closer to the star itself the Oort Cloud will be located. It is my estimation that the Oort Cloud of Nemesis arrives some 63 years before the star itself passes by the Earth. The total time span of cosmic upheavals will be close to a 130 year in length.

The passing of the Nemesis Oort Cloud through our Solar system is problematic in many aspects.  The Oort Cloud represents a gravitational boundary, correcting the velocity of Earth, depending from what direction Nemesis arrives, compared to the ecliptic of our Sun. When Nemesis arrives from below the ecliptic, it pushes Earth to have a greater speed,  thus shortening the year with 5 days. When Nemesis moves in from above the ecliptic, it instead reduces the speed of Earth, resetting the parameters to a "standard" 365 day year.

The gravitational shockwave will trigger a global Earthquake, which will be something out of the ordinary. The shaking will cause buildings to crash, roads and bridges to break. Great tsunamis will sweep in on coastal areas, doing great damage. The passing of the debris field will make burning meteors sweep the skies. Prior to that, gravel and Ice rain may affect crops and private properties. Occasional boulders and asteroids might even strike the Earth, causing problem if they hit sensitive areas.

Life will go on after the passing of the Oort Cloud, there will likely however be some problems with the electric grid and the infrastructure, for a while. The greater concern is when the Pole Shift takes place, but my estimation is it won't occur until sometime around 2082.