Monday, April 30, 2018

Nemesis and Pole shift dynamics

Many people have heard of or read about the Pole shift phenomenon, but what does the term actually imply. A Pole shift basically refers to a magnetic or physical reversal of the Earth's North and South pole. Trying to establish a consequent theory of what causes the Earth's magnetic field is a hazardous task. The concept is so vague and diffuse it almost reaches religious levels. Anyway, this is how I interpret the situation: I propose the Earth is really hollow, with a core of crystal iron, likely Magnetite. This core I believe to be freely floating at the center of Earth, constituting the mythological body known as "The smoking god" and producing light to the void which forms the 'Inner Earth'. This inner Sun has a strong magnetic force which in general comprise the Earth's magnetic field properties.

But even the Earth crust is in itself magnetic, although significantly weaker and more erratic. The crust takes the form of a thick iron rich sphere surrounding the inner Sun. This magnetic field is opposite that of the inner Sun. The magnetite core of the Earth constitute the magnetic field we measure with compasses and similar equipment. It is however the magnetic crust that plays the leading role in a physical Pole shift. Any such shift will typically not occur spontaneously, rather it will be induced by an outside force. The key player in our Solar system is of course the highly magnetic neutron star Nemesis (Nibiru). Since this star has the habit of periodically inverting its magnetic field, it will inevitably have a huge influence on our general neighborhood, affecting planet Earth in particular.

When Nemesis moves in from the South of the Ecliptic, it has already reversed its magnetic field and the direction of its rotation; a combined effect of the Aphelion passage. The magnetite core of the Earth will be affected first, making the magnetic North and South pole begin to deviate from their standard positions, which indeed is already occurring. Then an impact on the Earth crust will start to be noticeable. Nemesis will attempt to align Earth to a new magnetic polarity, but since the rotation of Earth works as a stabilizing factor, this can't happen at once. Nemesis must first reduce the speed of Earth rotation, down to a near standstill. Then the physical Pole shift will occur and rotation start anew, now seemingly in the other direction. Evidently, this process will profoundly affect the Earth.

In more detail, the physical Pole shift will progress as follows: Initially, the northern part of the Earth crust will begin tipping ~20 degrees towards Nemesis. Then almost at an instant, as the rotation of Earth looses in velocity and reaches zero, Earth will violently swing in the other direction, performing a ~160 degree roll. The oceans of Earth, without the guidance of the rotation factor, will inundate whole land masses with terrible waves moving in high speed. Of course, it is not the waves moving per se, rather the Earth crust shifting rapidly to adjust to a new magnetic order. The Earth magnetic core have from the beginning been aligned with Nemesis, following its every move. This now creates a conflict with the magnetic properties of the Earth crust; Earth will moan and groan in agony!

The Pole shift has not been properly fulfilled yet, but will continue in a more peaceful manner, slowly adding some 23 degrees to the roll (corresponding to the original inclination of Nemesis). The rotation of Earth is activated again, in the opposite direction, depending on the perspective, that is. Because the Arctic is now located in the Southern hemisphere, and Antarctica has moved close to the Northern hemisphere. The degree of turbulence depends on the 'spectator' position. Close to the 'Pole shift axis', the interference will be minor, further from the shift axis, turbulence will be more severe. The Pole shift axis is not predetermined, it might be located anyware along the Ecuator.
The physical magnetic poles have thus shifted places but who will know and who will care. Earth has undergone a complete reset and life will have to start from square one, with new definitions and standards. This is the cause and the secret to why humankind at intervals has been afflicted with relentless amnesia. But knowledge is power, and my estimation is the Pole shift will not occur until sometime around the year 2082.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Unveiling the Nemesis origin

A growing number of people have come to accept the reality of Nemesis/Nibiru being a real cosmic object, not just a mythological concept. This awareness comes from two kinds of observations, on the one hand people can hardly avoid noticing severe Earth changes taking place on a daily basis. On the other there are also observers who notice unknown objects in the sky, especially when using IR sensitive equipment. So Nemesis appears to have returned from its long journey below the ecliptic. It surely has some periodic properties though we do not know the exact circumstances. A question that emerges is of course; where does Nemesis come from, what is the origin of the star? Planet Jupiter is almost a star, I contend Jupiter once was and in many ways still behave as the Sun's primary partner.

Nemesis has likely been captured (or the other way around), its strong orbital inclination seem to suggest that. Of course, it could have come from almost anyware in the vast Universe. My sense however, is that it arrived from a nearby solar system. We now enter a highly speculative field but bear with me for a moment. What are the nearest stars in our solar neighborhood? About four light years away we find the Alpha Centauri system, some eight light years away lies the Sirius system. I will cut directly to the chase and propose Alpha Centauri as the place of birth for Nemesis. But the matter is a bit complicated. Alpha Centauri A is a yellow Sun, slightly larger than our Sun. They are both in orbit around each other, and together in a larger orbit around the heavy blue star Sirius.

Two all-embracing cycles appear to be linked to our Sun, one of ~100,000 years and one of ~26,000 years. Based on new research, I now hold the 100,000 year cycle to be connected to the Sun's orbit around Sirius. The 26,000 year cycle I believe is linked to the Centauri system. Mainstream science does not recognize gravity to work these great distances but I contend gravity among stars are governed by different laws than on a planetary scale. Thus, we must assume the Sun to occasionally move in very close to the Centauri star system. Within this timeframe, stars may interact with each other to form new appearances. It must have been on one of these junctures, that Nemesis got very close to our neighborhood and made the transit to become a member of our Solar system.

Was Nemesis comparable with the Alpha Centauri star? I propose it was originally heavier; as the Sun 'Osiris', it had about 2.3 solar masses, compared to Alpha Centauri's 1.1 solar masses. They both emerged from a larger yellow star, hypothetically named 'Centa', who ended up divided under the influence of a larger body still, presumable Canopus or Sirius. Out of the "fission energy", a blue gas giant emerges, it will accompany Osiris on its journey to our Solar system. Is the Sun already present at this time? No, residing are a large yellow sun called 'Apsu', orbited by a slightly smaller sun; 'Barbaru' or 'Ur-Bar-Ra'. At first, Osiris will quietly join this system. Later, the very first "Oedipus prophesy" unfolds: Osiris will accidently kill his father (Apsu) and marry his mother (Barbaru).

At one point in history, Osiris got on a direct collision course with the Apsu sun. The two bodies confront in turmoil. Apsu flickers out, dissipates and transmutes to lesser bodies. Osiris remains a solar entity but looses a large part of its mass. Two lesser Sun's emerge out of Osiris, they will later be captured by Alpha Centauri A and known as 'Centauri B' and red dwarf 'Proxima". At this stage, the Sun Barbaru is the dominant entity. Osiris, who was left with about 1.3 solar masses, is slowly drained by Barbaru. This results in Osiris collapsing and turning into Nemesis, a neutron star. But Nemesis fights back and gradually pulls large entities out of Barbaru. The Sun, Saturn and Venus is born in this way. Nemesis partner are now the Sun, and Barbaru is reduced to present day Jupiter.

For a more detailed description; please read: "The Star Epos".

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Scarab symbolism

Ancient Egyptians had a special reverence for the Dung beetle insect, kind of odd considering this tiny bug feeds of and lay eggs in feces from herbivore and omnivore animals. In fact, the Scarab beetle were sacred to the Egyptians and the stylized image of the beetle were present on all of their significant artifacts. So what was it about the appearance of this particular insect, why did it elevate to the status of a God, embodied in the form of a human figure with the head of a Scarab beetle? As 'Khepri', the God represented a Sun deity who would die in the evening only to be resurrected in the morning. Surely, Khepri was the God of the rising sun, but the pinpoint question is; which Sun?

The majority of the depicted Scarab icons show a beetle pushing or holding a red brownish ball. This is clearly not a representation of our yellow Sun, rather and much more likely, it is an image of our Sun's binary twin; Nibiru or Nemesis. Nibiru rises, not every Earth day, but on the very special 'day", the time when the red star moves up above the Ecliptic; this is the resurrection.

Several hundred years later, the red Sun God will die and return to 'Nut', to the netherworld below the Ecliptic. The symbolism of the Scarab beetle, representing Nibiru, was made extra spectacular since the beetle would create a huge red to brown colored ball from the dust of the African soil, seemingly appearing out of nothing. Similarly, Nibiru will appear "out of the blue".

The striking similarities does not end there. As we are told from mythology and tales, Nibiru has a very close but small companion. I believe the Kolbrin Bible speaks about this in a section describing Nibiru as the Destroyer. Here we read: "The beast with her opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke." This 'beast' described would seem to be a smaller entity that might appear to direct or herd the larger body. Once again a strong likeness, where the Scarab beetle is the small companion and the large ball the Sun Nibiru. The ancients must have been blown away by this mystical appearance in nature, and they incorporated the image with the manifestation in the sky.

On some depictions the Scarab beetle has wings. This seem to suggest Nibiru as being a travelling star, moving from the netherworld to the world of the living. It may also indicate a very concrete manifestation, a luminous and perhaps electromagnetic effect induced by Nibiru nearing the Sun. Ancient symbolism have a tendency of losing its original meaning over time. This particular symbol, or rather the message it holds, has been forgotten for well over two thousand years. It is excusable if people does not immediately draw the proper conclusions. After all, the star has just barely been seen, the companion has yet to emerge clearly. The day of appearance draws near; are you ready?