Monday, April 30, 2018

Nemesis and Pole shift dynamics

Many people have heard of or read about the Pole shift phenomenon, but what does the term actually imply. A Pole shift basically refers to a magnetic or physical reversal of the Earth's North and South pole. Trying to establish a consequent theory of what causes the Earth's magnetic field is a hazardous task. The concept is so vague and diffuse it almost reaches religious levels. Anyway, this is how I interpret the situation: I propose the Earth is really hollow, with a core of crystal iron, likely Magnetite. This core I believe to be freely floating at the center of Earth, constituting the mythological body known as "The smoking god" and producing light to the void which forms the 'Inner Earth'. This inner Sun has a strong magnetic force which in general comprise the Earth's magnetic field properties.

But even the Earth crust is in itself magnetic, although significantly weaker and more erratic. The crust takes the form of a thick iron rich sphere surrounding the inner Sun. This magnetic field is opposite that of the inner Sun. The magnetite core of the Earth constitute the magnetic field we measure with compasses and similar equipment. It is however the magnetic crust that plays the leading role in a physical Pole shift. Any such shift will typically not occur spontaneously, rather it will be induced by an outside force. The key player in our Solar system is of course the highly magnetic neutron star Nemesis. Since this star has the habit of periodically inverting its magnetic field, it will inevitably have a huge influence on our general neighborhood, affecting planet Earth in particular.

When Nemesis moves in from the South of the Ecliptic, it has already reversed its magnetic field and the direction of its rotation; a combined effect of the Aphelion passage. The magnetite core of the Earth will be affected first, making the magnetic North and South pole begin to deviate from their standard positions, which indeed is already occurring. Then an impact on the Earth crust will start to be noticeable. Nemesis will attempt to align Earth to a new magnetic polarity, but since the rotation of Earth works as a stabilizing factor, this can't happen at once. Nemesis must first reduce the speed of Earth rotation, down to a near standstill. Then the physical Pole shift will occur and rotation start anew, now seemingly in the other direction. Evidently, this process will profoundly affect the Earth.

In more detail, the physical Pole shift will progress as follows: Initially, the northern part of the Earth crust will begin tipping ~25 degrees towards Nemesis. Then almost at an instant, as the rotation of Earth looses in velocity and reaches zero, Earth will violently swing in the other direction, performing a ~160 degree roll. The oceans of Earth, without the guidance of the rotation factor, will inundate whole land masses with terrible waves moving in high speed. Of course, it is not the waves moving per se, rather the Earth crust shifting rapidly to adjust to a new magnetic order. The Earth magnetic core have from the beginning been aligned with Nemesis, following its every move. This now creates a conflict with the magnetic properties of the Earth crust; Earth will moan and groan in agony!

The Pole shift has not been properly fulfilled yet, but will continue in a more peaceful manner, slowly adding 35 to 45 degrees to the roll. The rotation of Earth is activated again, in the opposite direction, depending on the perspective, that is. Because the Arctic is now located in the Southern hemisphere, and Antarctica has moved close to the Northern hemisphere. The physical magnetic poles have thus shifted places but who will know and who will care. Earth has undergone a complete reset and life will have to start from square one, with new definitions and standards. This is the cause and the secret to why humankind at intervals has been afflicted with relentless amnesia. But knowledge is power, and my estimation is the Pole shift will not occur until sometime around the year 2068.


  1. Hi, would you care to share why do you think the Pole Shift will not occur until 2068? Thank you.

  2. Hi Unknown,
    I have covered this in my latest blog, please read the following page; . In short, I believe there is a pattern concerning recurrent Grand Quakes, Pole Shifts and Star transits. The time between the Grand Quake and the Pole Shift I estimate to 49 years. About 15 years later comes the transit (of the Nibiru star). And since the Grand Quake is expected to occur around 2019, the Pole Shift should take place around 2068, which is 2019 plus 49 years. However, the calculations and time predictions are highly uncertain, and I am the first to admit this. It is a prognosis, nothing more.

  3. With all the upsets (perterbations) of the other planets, Is there a specific one thing to look for prior to the arrival of this system? Some people have said look for the red iron dust... some say that the earthquakes will be much more frequent, than now. will all the volcanoes let loose of their lava being that of an iron core, (earth) would release it tward the direction of this system, or will it erupt out everywhere and cover the earths land masses? OR will Antarctica be the new center of knowledge for us all that survive. I'm a normal person, with an equally normal imagination, but COULD this all be a bunch of hogwash to make people think they are dumb and un-informed.

    1. I believe the main precursor of the Nibiru system is the arrival of this star’s ‘Oort cloud’. It will presumably come as a gravitational shockwave, creating a global earthquake of considerable magnitude. Along with some infrastructural damage, costal cities will be at risk from expected tsunamis. Some believe red dust is already affecting local areas, more frequent downpours might arrive at some time. Volcanoes will generally affect the environment on a local scale but with super volcanoes like Yellowstone, you never know. Yes, this could certainly be a bunch of hogwash, but I think not. Who among us layman’s can really tell? Let’s expect the worst and hope for the best.