Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Soul identity of Nemesis/Nibiru

The presence of the star Nemesis aka Nibiru is generally perceived as a threat, a recurring calamity. My conviction however, is that this entity is the embodiment of a great Soul. When I speak of 'Soul',  I specifically refer to the "immaterial eternal essence", the observer of an individual life, dwelling in all entities. This great Soul I believe descended from a high state, through many incarnations, even down to the human level. With higher states I actually mean larger entities like; asteroids, moons, planets, suns, solar systems, star clusters and so on, all the way up to galaxy clusters and beyond. A highly developed entity in process of descending, must step down gradually. In this transit, the larger body has to enter a coma, a prolonged unconsciousness, before letting the Soul inhabit a lesser body.

Not all planets are blessed with a godlike creature, lowering him or herself to a humble character, trying the best in its ability to help out and show the way to success. This planet found itself in such a miserable condition, that an emissary from above came to rescue. The entity, originally undivided, has likely divided into a male and female aspect, before the long descent down to the human level. This is some of the entities I claim belong to this great Soul: The Milky Way Galaxy, an undefined star cluster, an unknown giant star, the blue star Canopus, the Sun Nemesis/Nibiru, planet Uranus, planet Anu, unknown moon (maybe Ceres), an unknown asteroid, a continent (maybe South America), an Island, a country, a province, a house, an angelic being (Marduk) and finally a human individual.

What are the characteristics we are looking for? There are some clues but not a lot. The entity will start out as strong and unconquerable, adding victory to victory. Later in his life he will be facing a devastating blow of some kind, bringing him close to the brink of destruction. He will be struggling for some extended time, just to stay alive. But he will prevail, returning to life again, only this time in a considerably more humble and downsized appearance. His life will end suddenly, in the blink of an eye. Alternatively, he will end up in confine, but in a "golden cage", residing in this place until the end of his days. He will not achieve fame in his life but will struggle in vain to reach out to people. Only posthumously, he will be recognized and celebrated, having his deeds added to the public benefit.

This famed Soul is likely incarnated today as a human being, I can't see why he shouldn't be. There are a lot of 'candidates' who has come and gone over the hundreds of years. To name just a few interlinked with this unique Soul: Nimrod (Enmerkar), Gilgamesh, Zarathustra, Buddha Gautama, Alexander the Great, Qin Shi Huangdi, Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ (Izas-Monobazus VI), Prophet Mohammed, Djingis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mahatma Gandhi. Certainly a speculative list but notice that representatives of all major religions alongside fierce warriors are present. The tendency is also that the characters gradually take on more and more reserved and humble manifestations. Can we then determine the present day great Soul?

This may turn out to be extremely difficult, for a number of reasons. Nearly everybody would want to get hold of him but with quite different objectives in mind. Some will seek to praise him, others will have the outermost hate towards him and would like to see him dead. Others still would want favors from him or use him for purposes of gaining power. All this would render the incarnation of the great Soul to completely go underground and hide from sight. That is, if he actually are conscious of who he is and where he comes from, which is not an absolute certainty. I find it likely that the great Soul will appear as one among the people, rather than as an elevated cultural or political leader. I also sense some kind of transformation; a metamorphosis, wherein a humble character suddenly rises to power.

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