Saturday, January 27, 2018

Gravitation and the Soul

It all starts with the vacuum of space, the Ether, which Einstein disproved but which undoubtedly is a reality. The number one consequence of the Ether is that the Universe is infinite in time and space. According to myself, vacuum itself is filled with undividable units, placed at certain distances from each other. I call these units 'Nol', the "holes" between Nol I call 'Nil'.

In the theoretical state where vacuum is at rest, one Nol will reside at a distance of six times the distance of neighboring Nol. When one Nol counts as one, then "the seventh step is the return", thus the number seven is integrated with the number one (base-6). This creates a vacuum geometry which resembles "Hexagonal Close Packing" (only not close packed).

Neither Nol, nore Nil are particles, they just constitute the fabric of vacuum. Nol and Nil were never created, they have always been present and always will. But the Universe must always be in a state of equilibrium, in total. Therefore there must be an equal amount of 'disturbance' in vacuum, this is what we call motion, or energy.  Energy will take several forms, but the main ones are the transverse waveform and the longitudinal waveform. The transverse waveform will appear as light (the details is another chapter). The longitudinal waveform in vacuum will appear as gravitational waves.

Forget the standard concept of gravitational waves from exploding stars. What I suggest is that gravitational waves  (G-waves) are ever present. They flow (like the force in Star Wars) back and forth and matter is sort of semi-transparent to these waves. Some waves goes right through matter such as particles, planets and stars, some waves reflect back to form an 'interference pattern' at the outer limit of the object at hand. One mind-boggling aspect of G-waves is that their speed in vacuum by far exceed the speed of light, a natural aspect of the longitudinal waveform!

So what is gravitation? Look at it like this: A body (A) in space is receiving G-waves from all directions, reflecting some and letting others through. This creates an interference zone of 'standing waves' around the body, a gravitational field. Now let's place another body (B) at a stationary distance from the body A.

What happens now is that both bodies will experience a decrease in waves in the direction of the other body. To compensate this unbalance, the bodies will start to accelerate in the direction of each other, in other words; they are falling. They will continually fall in the direction of one another unless there is a common orbit pattern keeping them in a precise motion around each other, creating a balancing centrifugal force.

Now to the fascinating part; we can more or less prove the existence of these faster than light waves! We only have to look at the interference patterns appearing at the edges of surfaces, at pinpoint holes or narrow slits. This effect is known from the "Camera Obscura" phenomenon where a small hole in a box acts as a lens, creating an upside down image inside the box. The standard interpretation is that this is a consequence of the nature of light waves. I dare to think otherwise, I am convinced light bends in the distorted space created by interfering (standing) gravity waves. One must remember that even particles acts as waves when conducting the classical "double slit experiment". The conclusion must be that light (or particles) only images a pattern already existing!

The Soul

Does G-waves originate from any specific place in space and time? Yes, and it appears that gravity waves in fact are a conscious energy. This flow of energy is what has always been known in many cultures as 'Chi, Ki, Prana, Ruach, Pneuma' etc. This energy emanates from the Soul nucleus of every entity of the Universe, and is also absorbed in the same manner. This is the tool the Soul uses to extract information from the senses of the present physical (or spiritual body).

The body is not conscious in itself, the body is merely a vehicle by which the Soul can have an experience in the actual dimension. When it comes to the human being, the process of the Soul entering the body is as follows: When the Soul nucleus enters the human, it connects itself to the "landing place"; the pineal gland. Then the nucleus starts emitting G-waves. A gravitational "bubble" starts to appear and this bubble will grow to encompass the hole body. But in order to do so, the nucleus has to adjust and descend down the spine of the body, finally resting at the "dwelling place" of the Soul; the solar plexus, the sphere of the Soul thus being fully developed.

Technically speaking, the outer limit of the Soul sphere is in the area where the frequency of the outgoing waves can no longer be distinguished from the general wave frequency from the Universe at large. At an 'out-of-body-experience', the Soul will take the same way out as it came in. The Soul sphere will start to diminish and the Soul nucleus ascends up the spine to the pineal gland, where it can detach itself from the body. This sometimes is an extremely fast process. The person in question can actually "see" this process as a journey through "a dark tunnel", as many "Soul Travelers" has testified.

To complicate matters a bit; I contend G-waves exist in seven different frequency dimensions concerning size. These are: The particle dimension, the cell dimension, the human dimension, the planet/solar dimension, the galaxy dimension, the galaxy-cluster dimension and a seventh spiritual dimension. The interference pattern of G-waves is discernible only in our human dimension, this is because light reveals their presence. In smaller and larger dimension we see no interference pattern only because the wavelength of light does not compare in size with the local G-waves at hand. Still, we must assume G-wave interference patterns actually exist, around small particles as well as at the surface of stars and galaxies.

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