Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Planets of Nemesis

There are of course skeptics in the Nemesis/Nibiru community, but among those who acknowledge the existence of this entity, a common view is the notion of seven planets accompanying the star. It is therefore kind of odd that the information on these planets are so scarce. We know virtually nothing about their names, their sizes or their mutual order within the star system; or do we?

Ancient observers, Astrologers and Astronomers, didn't necessarily make a distinction between actual stars and "wandering stars", i.e. planets. They were merely observing the appearance of different entities on the sky vault; times, places and circumstances. Planets could have been called stars and vice versa. One "sign" in particular has made a profound impact on indigenous cultures around the world; the Pleiades star system (the Seven Sisters). But what's so special about this particular cluster of stars? They are not even seven in number; six seen by the naked eye but more than 15 when viewed with binoculars! Something's wrong with this picture, it isn't plausible to have tales and legends from the entire globe talk about a fairly insignificant cluster with too many stars.

Hans Konstapel at 'Constable Research B.V.' (article removed) points at several characteristics associated with The Seven Sisters, as the Greek mythology calls them. Here are just a few examples: The seven stars are connected to the start of the rainy season. There is a link to the 52 year cycle of the Mayan culture and to the cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes. Also, one of the more obvious relations are found in the symbol of the Menorah; the seven golden lamp stands. Does any of these clues make sense in relation to the Pleiades star system, not really. I contend there must be either a confusion or a deliberate deception going on. The seven stars so widely talked about is of course the seven planets of the Nemesis system, having the appearance of stars, getting visible from Earth each time Nemesis returns. And now, of course, the associated characteristics make much more sense.

Home Planet of the Gods

There is a lot of confusion regarding the labels of certain attributes of the Nemesis system. Is Nibiru the name of the star itself or is this perhaps a name of an actual planet? Well, I used to have "Nibiru" as a working title for the home planet of this system. But Dr. Michael S. Heicher has clearly been able to show that the term "Nibiru", without any doubt, refers to a star (referring article removed). But this leaves the question open; what did the local habitants call their home planet? Having thought about this for some time, taking several aspects into account, I feel the name "ANU" (possibly 'AN') is a strong candidate. Derived from the Sumerian language, it is said to mean "Heaven" or "Sky". Interestingly, the well known term "ANU.NA.KI" seems to indicate beings of ANU, moving to KI, which is Earth. ANU(N) - Those from Heaven, NA - For, KI - Earth. 'Heaven' doesn't  refer to the afterlife, but a very physical yet lofty place.

To dive deeper into this issue, it is revealing to consider the findings of Dr. Scott McQuate, arguing he found the real meaning of the Name of God, which has been encrypted and hidden, all these years. In short, the unlocking goes like this: The Hebrew letters for God, YHWH, must first be transliterated to the Aramaic letters 'IAUA', no consonants being used. From this point, the sequence must be decrypted, i.e. reversed. Now we have the sequence AUAI. This is still not comprehensible, we need three consonants to form a word and these, according to the Author, are N, N and K. Putting them between the vowels makes; ANUNAKI. The "rebels" from ANU came to earth, got stranded and decided to replicate themselves, forming not other ANUNAKI, but independent God-like creatures; Humans. ANUNAKI (plural) are the creator Gods, who came from planet ANU and colonized Earth.

Lost planet names?

What is the name of the rest of the bodies, attached to Nemesis/Nibiru? This is something I haven't been able to figure out. At least two of them, maybe three or four, are believed to be gas giants of various shapes and sizes. If you have any information regarding this, please write me a line about it.

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